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Easy Street Theater

140 Mansfield Court

Chebanse, IL  60922

Phones:  815-697-2665

How Do I Get Involved?


     EST is available to community members with Down Syndrome, TBI, Cerebral Palsy, Austim, Asbergers, Fragile X, Cognitive Deficiency, etc. Disabilities that do not work well with the work we do on the stage are Behavior Disorders, ADD, severe ADHD, Oppositional Disorder, etc. 

Ages are from 12-?

    Call, send a letter, or send an email addressed to Monica Brigham. I will send a performance application or answer your questions.

Acting Buddy/Learning Buddy

     Adults 18 years and older who are not considered to be on the special education spectrum are invited to join us on stage or in the classroom to assist our actors/artists. Acting experience is not necessary for our theater program. Prior knowledge of a Connections classroom subject is not necessary. You can learn along with the learners.

     Call, send a letter, or send an email to Monica Brigham. I will send an application or answer your questions.

Board of Directors

Monica Brigham, Roger Baldwin, Max Brigham, Kenny Klipp, Jim Shrove, Kelli Arseneau, Kathy Stockton, Steve Luhrsen, Nancy Bretzlaff, Doug Bretzlaff

Easy Street Theater, NFP is a 501c3 not-for-profit organizations. All donations are welcomed and are tax deductible for the donor.

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